For participants

On this page we publish useful information for participants of CRATER’2023 conference.

For presenters


Guidelines for presenters

  1. To secure smooth implementation of the program, we kindly ask you to share with us your presentation by sending it to by 5 September 2023.
  2. In case you miss the deadline, or you would rather not send it – please upload a copy of your presentation to the local computer  (Apple MacBook) in advance (deadline is the break before your session) and check if it runs properly. In case you need a pendrive – you may borrow one from the technical support team present in each conference room.
  3. To secure a smooth implementation of the conference’s agenda, you will not be able to use your own computer. We are sorry for the inconvenience and grateful for your understanding.
  4. Please use the on-ear microphone that will be available in the conference room. Handheld microphones will be used by the chairs and technical support only.
  5. The conference computer (Apple MacBook) will be equipped with the following software: Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe Reader DC, Apple Keynote. However, we strongly encourage everybody to use the safest format – PDF.
  6. The recommended aspect ratio of slides is 16:9. If you plan to present any audio as part of your presentation, please let us know in advance.
  7. Technical staff will be present in the lecture room. That person will be able to provide support and answer your questions.

Duration of presentations (presentation length + Q&A session)

  1. Plenary – 35 + 5 min
  2. Invited –  20 + 2 min
  3. Contributed: 20 + 2 min
  4. Industrial presentation – 15 + 5 min

For presenters


Poster format

The largest poster format that will fit on the stand is a A0 in portrait orientation.

Mounting posters

The poster stands will be open for use during the entire conference period. Participants are individually responsible for arranging their own posters. Tools needed for mounting will be provided at the registration area to aid in this task.

In order to enhance the influence of poster presentations and encourage discussions, we recommend participants to set up their posters as soon as possible and maintain them on display until the concluding coffee break on Friday, September 8th, 2023. Kindly note that any posters remaining after this time will be disposed of.

Printing your posters in Warsaw

  • Meeting the needs of the participants of the CRATER conference, we have found a printing house (Copy General) that offered printing and delivering  the posters to the conference venue on Thursday, September 7th before noon.
  • To be able to keep this dates, please contact the printing house by email, writing #CRATER2023 in the subject till 6th of September, till 12:00 o’clock. After that time the printing house will not be able to guarantee on-time delivery.
  • Price for A0 poster – 105.50 PLN (incl. VAT).
  • You may also use any other print house, that is suitable for you. In Warsaw there is a number of print houses that provide services in English.
  • Organisers will not be participating in any way in contacts with the printing house. Arranging on-time delivery and payment lays on the customer.

Competition for the best posters during CRATER’2023

As an exciting highlight of the upcoming CRATER’2023 conference, we are thrilled to announce a poster competition. Our evaluation committee will carefully assess the presented posters, and we are proud to offer two awards, each with a prize of 2000,00 PLN gross. We kindly request all participants to ensure their eligibility by signing the participant’s list at the registration desk to join this prestigious contest.

Click here to open the Terms and Regulation of the competition (in English)

Click here to open the Terms and Regulation of the competition (in Polish)

Members of the Poster Evaluation Committee

  • Maciej Wojtkowski – Chair
  • Francesca Fanelli
  • Przemysław Sapieha
  • Łukasz Kornaszewski
  • Sławomir Tomczewski
  • Chris Dainty
  • Mihai Suster
  • Humbeto Fernandez
  • Magdalena Banach-Orłowska
  • Olaf Strauss
  • Pablo Artal
  • Robert Zawadzki
  • Ryszard Naskręcki