Roland Rocholz

Heidelberg Engineering


Roland Rocholz graduated in 2005 with a degree in physics from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, where he also received his doctorate in 2008 for his work on the optical measurement of small-scale wind-driven water waves at the Institute of Environmental Physics. He then worked for another four years as a research assistant in Prof. Dr. Bernd Jähne’s laboratory on various camera-based measurement techniques, before joining the medical device manufacturer Heidelberg Engineering GmbH as a software developer in 2013. At Heidelberg Engineering, Roland Rocholz led the development of the SPECTRALIS OCTA module, an optical coherence tomography-based method for imaging blood flow in the fine vascular networks of the human retina, among other projects. Furthermore, he led the development to improve the eye tracking system for faster and highly accurate real-time motion correction in retinal imaging. Since 2022, he works as Technology and Innovation Manager at Heidelberg Engineering GmbH.