Michel Paques


I developed medical application of adaptive optics ophthalmoscopy to common and rare medical conditions, in ophthalmological diseases as well as other fields such as arterial hypertension. My closely tied clinical and research activities led me to co-found a clinical research imaging lab (www.parieseyeumaging.com) dedicated to translational research from physics to medicine. I have developed innovative imaging procedures such as multiangle imaging for detecting misaligned outer segments and time-lapse imaging for detection of dynamic structural changes. This led to a better understanding of diseases such as acute macular neuroretinopathy, to a more accurate description of cases of macular edema  by evidencing that misaligned photoreceptors may be mistaken for absent photoreceptors, I also contributed to the development of AI-based segmentation of retinal images by OCT and fundus photographs, including GA. I currently focuses my research on the analysis of the cellular dynamics underlying GA progression.