Daniele Dell'Orco


Daniele Dell’Orco has extensive experience in protein biochemistry and biophysics, structural bioinformatics, and systems biology. His research interests are mainly in neuronal calcium sensors and the mechanisms by which they regulate complex molecular processes, such as the phototransduction cascade in vertebrate photoreceptors. He has trained in leading laboratories in Sweden, Germany and Italy and currently collaborates with several national and international groups. Integrating a variety of experimental and computational approaches at the system level, Daniele Dell’Orco has been studying for many years the molecular mechanisms underlying phototransduction in retinal photoreceptors and its regulation by second messengers (Ca2+ and cGMP) under normal conditions and those associated with genetic diseases. His research also focuses on the development of biological drug-based therapeutic approaches for retinal dystrophies.
He was a tenured assistant professor (2011) and has been an associate professor of Biochemistry and Bioinformatics at the University of Verona since 2017.