Klaudia Nowacka


Klaudia Nowacka is a  PhD student at the International Centre for Translational Eye Research. She holds an MEng degree in Optical Engineering and Photonics from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, where her thesis on composite vortex pattern generation through spatial light modulators demonstrated her expertise in the field.

Klaudia’s passion for advancing her knowledge and skills has led her to join the Singular Optics Group under the supervision of Prof. Jan Masajada. Her work with Prof. Ireneusz Grulkowski during an internship at Nicolaus Copernicus University has further enhanced her proficiency in structured light and wavefront correction. This expertise is evident in her development of switchable optical vector beam microscopy for high-resolution biomedical imaging.

Her active student involvement is a testament to her drive and leadership abilities. As the President of the Foton Scientific Circle and the OSA Student Chapter, Klaudia has honed her organizational skills and gained experience in planning and executing conferences, including the OPTO 2021 conference.

At ICTER, Klaudia is committed to improving OCT imaging resolution through dynamic light scatterers. She is also an integral member of the pi-NIRS project, aimed at understanding the optical and dynamical properties of the brain tissue and neurovascular coupling, under the supervision of Dr. Dawid Borycki. In addition, Klaudia has broadened her skill set to include social media marketing and content creation as the ICTER social media manager.

In her spare time, Klaudia embraces a well-rounded lifestyle that encompasses her passions for knowledge, personal growth, and physical activity. She is an avid reader and enthusiast of psychology, neuroscience, and self-development. Her love for the outdoors is reflected in her enjoyment of hiking and traveling. Above all, she values spending quality time with her loved ones and her dog, immersed in a good book.